Alex Murdaugh live trial: Jury hears crucial data from Maggie’s cellphone after focus on family’s guns

Alex Murdaugh: Who is the disgraced lawyer and why is he on trial?

Alex Murdaugh’s words after the murders of his wife and son continued to take center stage Tuesday at the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, South Carolina.

In her second interview with law enforcement – three days after she was accused of shooting and killing Maggie, 52, and Paul, 22, at the family home in Islandton – she was seen saying: “I did him wrong” in reference to her husband. the son.

Although prosecutors tried to suggest that he slipped, some raised doubts, while others believed that he said: “They did him very badly.”

Jurors were also given more information about the variety of ammunition found at the same location used in the murders, as well as details of the Murdaugh sons’ guns. Interestingly, prosecutors have twice referred to credit card statements found in the trash for purchases at Gucci that have been circulated.

Some of the most shocking evidence of the day came from a detailed analysis of Maggie’s cellphone data in which prosecutors tried to pinpoint the exact time of death from a list of phone events.

The trial is one of Mr. Murdaugh’s problems in a case involving botched conspiracies, multimillion-dollar fraud schemes, and mysterious deaths.


Key revelations in the Alex Murdaugh murder case so far

Rachel Sharp documents the most important moments so far in the high-profile trial underway in Colleton County, South Carolina.

Oliver O’Connell1 February 2023 01:40


The agent insists that Murdaugh suggested he kill his son

A federal attorney insisted Tuesday that he heard Alex Murdaugh’s guilty plea even after lawyers for the disgraced South Carolina attorney turned down the noise during Murdaugh’s double-murder trial.

The question is whether Murdaugh said “I did him a lot of harm” or “They did him a lot of harm” when he cried and spoke to federal officials during a taped interview three days after Murdaugh’s wife and son were killed.

State Law Enforcement Division Chief Special Agent Jeff Croft testified that he was “100% confident” Murdaugh said “I am.”

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Murdaugh’s mobile phone details were revealed as the trial heard details of the ammunition found in the house

Cell phone records revealed that Alex Murdaugh called his wife minutes after he was brutally shot and killed – and the bullets that killed him and their son were found on the family property.

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Court goes into recess

The court took a break until 9.30 am on Wednesday when Lt Dove’s testimony will continue.

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Now we move on to the steps recorded by the iPhone health app.

Lt Dove explains that it is not the most accurate data, but it gives an indication of movement. Maggie’s phone went 38 steps from 8.17pm after the phone was hung up.

A further 43 steps were recorded between 8.30pm and 8.33pm.

Another 59 steps were taken between 8.53pm and 8.55pm when there were orientation changes and the camera appeared for a second but the phone did not turn on.

No further steps are recorded until the next day when the call is collected.

Oliver O’Connell31 January 2023 22:39


Then there is a gap of 22 minutes before the next event log at 9.31pm when the display turns on and off a few times – probably as the phone is shaken.

At 9.34pm Rogan Gibson’s unread text comes in.

At 9.47pm Alex texts “Call me, babe.” That document has not been read.

There was no other work.

Oliver O’Connell31 January 2023 22:31


At 9.04pm Maggie’s phone receives the first call from Alex’s phone which rings and goes unanswered.

At 9.06 at night there is a change of orientation in the portrait showing that the phone was in a person’s hand. After two seconds, another call from him to Alex’s phone went unanswered.

There are no position changes after that.

About 30 seconds later a third call came in from Alex.

At 9.07pm the screen continues to turn off.

At 9.08pm Alex sends a message that he is going to see his mother. The text is not read.

There was a gap of 2 minutes and 7 seconds between Alex’s call and the text from him.

Oliver O’Connell31 January 2023 22:26


The call remained closed between 8.49pm on 7 June 2021 and 1.10pm the following day.

At 8.53pm the display went off.

There is a change of orientation from landscape to portrait and then a change back again. There is a corresponding registration for turning on and off the screen.

At 8.54pm the camera works for one second, possibly indicating an attempt to unlock the phone with facial recognition.

There is no record of what the camera was showing, but if it was Maggie’s face it would have been on. However it can be pointed at anything.

Oliver O’Connell31 January 2023 22:18


Lt Gove discusses the phone’s “event history” — data on its location, whether it was locked or unlocked, screen orientation etc.

At 8.17 pm the phone was off while charging.

At 8.30 pm she visited the fashion website “Poshmark”.

At 8.49pm the screen lights up. This could be a notification or someone moving the phone, eg picking it up. The details show that the phone was unlocked and then re-locked. At that moment a text message from Lynn G came in and was read. We found that the text came in at 8.41 pm.

At 8. pm the phone registers a change in marking. Lt Dove says the change in situation is caused by someone picking up the phone or going around it on purpose. When asked if the phone can register a change by leaving it on, he says that nothing will be registered unless the screen is on.

Oliver O’Connell31 January 2023 22:09


Next Lt Gove is asked to look at messages from Alex.

The first one is at 9.04 pm and is not read.

The Government is asking Lt Gove to confirm that no messages were read on Maggie’s phone after 8.49pm on 7 June 2021.

Oliver O’Connell31 January 2023 21:55


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