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Anime Lunch Box – Whether you watch anime or not, I’m sure you’ve seen bento boxes before … you know, the beautifully compartmentalized boxes full of food that are arranged closely? Maybe it was in a Japanese restaurant serving a special bento dinner, or maybe it was a simple homemade lunch for a friend. However this piqued your interest …

Bento is very present in anime, with a large number of characters and series featuring these often surprising and complex dishes. Sometimes it seems like everyone, from students to office workers, regularly cooks, buys and eats bentos … But what are bentos, where do they come from and how do you make them?

Anime Lunch Box

A bento is basically a packaged meal containing a portion of food, usually stored in a box-shaped container. It usually consists of rice, a small amount of cooked meat or fish, pickled or cooked vegetables and / or fruit and should be eaten at room temperature. Many homemade bentos are wrapped in a piece of cloth called

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But bento is not just limited to rice dishes or traditional Japanese food … On the contrary, it can also include foods such as noodles, raw fish or even sandwiches! There is no “right” way to prepare bento, which makes them versatile and easily adaptable to all tastes.

In Japan, bento has a long history dating back to the Kamakura period (1185-1333) with the creation of the boiled and dried rice called

In 1600, lacquer boxes were made (very similar to those available today) and bento was eaten in restaurants.

(bento zone), which consisted of onigiri wrapped in bamboo leaves or placed in a bamboo box. Even at this time

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(bento train). Students, teachers and staff members started bringing bento lunches, which was a huge success as lunch was not served or provided in many schools.

The use of bento declined during the Taishō period (1912-1926), during the First World War and after the Second, especially when the place of bento in schools became a social issue (in terms of nutrition and how often it was material for the bento). showed variations in wealth among pupils) and when schools started providing meals for pupils and teachers. However, with the advent of the microwave and the expansion of stores in the 1980s, along with the use of cheap plastic and styrofoam boxes (rather than metal or wood), bento has become popular to this day. .

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Today, bento is very popular in Japan, with everyone from office workers to students preparing, buying and eating packed lunches. Due to their popularity, bentos can be purchased all over Japan, including department stores, train stations, specialty bento shops, and even convenience stores.

And trust me when I say that Japanese take their bento seriously … Some bentos even have a string that you can pull and heat your food (no microwave needed!), And you will be provided with ice packs for a your cool bento is another. on a hot summer day. It is perhaps the most popular type of bento outside of Japan

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Here are some types of bento to watch out for while watching anime! Which of them have you noticed?

Kyaraben is an elaborate bento that resembles characters from anime, manga or games. Flowers, landscapes, animals, people, buildings and more can also be recreated in bento form. Also related to oekakiben (bento image).

It is widely sold in Japan at train stations and trains. Its counterpart is called fair

Hinomaru bento is a bento made with umeboshi (marinated plum) placed in the center of a layer of rice. It is named after the Japanese flag (commonly called hinomaru in Japan) and is not served neatly with side dishes.

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Kuraku bento is a picnic bento designed to be distributed among groups of people and to be consumed outdoors. It is usually consumed during the ohanami (cherry blossom viewing).

Makunouchi bento is an elaborate bento made for formal meals (such as special dinners, parties or funerals). It is meant to be eaten at the table and is served in elegant lacquered boxes by restaurants.

Anime Anime Food Facts or Fiction Anime Food Samples Advertising Snacks Asian Art Bento 101 Reviews Dessert Drinks Events Features Final Reviews First Impressions Ingredients Japanese Cuisine Non-Asian Main Dishes Reviews Recipes Secondary Reviews Sweet! This Day in Anime Translations Vegetarian A Year in Review Bento is a simple meal that is often packaged at home and taken with you for lunch to work, school, or travel.

They can also be purchased in many places in Japan and come in a wide variety of materials and prices, simple ones can be found in convenience stores and department stores often produce expensive branded bentos.

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The composition varies a lot, but usually consists of rice or sometimes noodles with meat or fish and various vegetables. They can be made cute or even look like a certain character.

Sometimes the most delicious things come from the most wonderful places. At Elegant Yokai Apartment Life, Inaba finds a bento in her purse in search of her wallet. The faithful house cook, Ruriko-san, prepared.

But Ruriko-san is a ghost, like many of Kotobuki-so’s inhabitants, so it’s hard enough for Inaba to explain who made the bento for him. This makes various members of her class suspicious, as they know that she lives in an apartment and not with her family.

Ruriko-san dreamed of owning a restaurant in her life and made her dream come true by becoming a chef in a yokai apartment specializing in delicious Japanese home cooking.

Bento Box Lunch

Young children usually bring a bento to school prepared by a family member, usually the mother. In Sweetness and Lightning, Kouhei begins learning to cook after his wife’s death.

She manages to cook lunch for her daughter Tsumogi to take to kindergarten, even though she can’t diversify the food, but she buys every other meal from the convenience store.

He turns to his student Kotori, whose mother owns a restaurant, for help. Slowly, they prepare different dishes and gain confidence in the kitchen. Bentos on the retail market are widely available and can be bought inexpensively.

A Toradora! we see the personal daily life of two high school students. Ryuji is an excellent cook and soon worries about the eating habits of his neighbor Taiga, who lives alone and eats mostly food from the convenience store. He soon prepares every meal for her, including dinners.

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This creates a bit of a problem at school when their classmates start noticing that they always eat the same lunch. There were already rumors of their close relationship and cooking dinner for someone is often seen as the prerogative of a loved one. Ryuji is even excited about making bento for his lover Minori.

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In The She-Wolf and The Black Prince, we see another example of a home-cooked dinner showing one’s feelings. Kamiya is a character introduced in the middle of the series and he enjoys being with women. He also describes having one girlfriend at a time as “boring”.

He cries to be around girls who love to cook, so he can ask another girl to cook him dinner every day of the week.

How To Wrap Bento Box

Pre-made bento boxes can be purchased at train stations. These bentos are called ekiben and have taken on a life of their own and popularity. There is also a special word for people who love ekiben and want to eat all kinds of ekiben, ekiben tetsu.

They come in different packaging and contain different products, which usually reflect ingredients, seasons and regional trends.

For example, a bento filled with Matsusaka beef (equivalent to Kobe beef) and packaged in a cow-shaped box can only be purchased at Matsusaka Station. You can even find akiben in the form of cute characters like Hello Kitty.

Some ekiben have a self-heating mechanism, to start the process they pull the thread and your dinner is fully heated. Anime Lunch Box For Teen Boys Girls Waterproof Insulated Lunch Bag Reusable Adult Lunch Tote For Home Work Picnic Travel: Home & Kitchen

It should be like this, but in practice the box gets very hot and the material does not heat well. And the smell can fill the train car, disturbing other travelers, as happens in Charlotte episode 2 (pictured above), which is a huge oversight in Japan.

Ekiben’s history and culture is far more interesting than you might expect, not just the snacks prepared on the trains.

Yotsuiro Biyori describes the life of four men who work at Rokuhoudou, a traditional restaurant with a modern twist where everyone feels welcome. In the first episode of Biyori, we see the guys running the restaurant discussing what to include on the new spring menu. They have a lot of ideas and don’t want to repeat the previous years.

The answer is that they have invented a beautiful and customizable bento.

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