Arrowstorm Entertainment Launches new “MYTHICA” Film With Kickstarter Campaign

Mythica’s latest installment Mythica: Stormbound

We’re excited to return to the world of Mythica and we know the fans are going to love Stormbound.

Utah-based Fantasy/Sci-fi production studio Arrowstorm Entertainment, after five years of excitement for the Mythica franchise, has announced a new installment of the fan-favorite sword-and-sorcery fantasy series – cult following, with a new feature titled “Mythica : Storm.”

Jason Faller, Executive Producer at Arrowstorm, said, “Mythica is the biggest and most innovative indie fantasy film series ever created. We’re thrilled to be returning to the world of Mythica and we know the fans are going to love Stormbound.”

Mythica Mythica is a series of five fantasy films released between 2014 and 2016, titled (in order) “A Quest for Heroes”, “The Darkspore”, “The Necromancer”, “The Iron Crown”, and ” The Godslayer”. “. Distributed worldwide on dozens of platforms and in many languages, the Mythica franchise has tens of millions of viewers. Executive Producer Kynan Griffin said “We have been waiting for the right way to continue expanding the Mythica canon. Stormbound is the first of many new stories to come.”


Arrowstorm is keeping the plot and characters for the new Mythica movie under wraps, but the new Stormbound story is set about ten years after the events of “The Godslayer”, where the necromancer (Szorlok, played by Matthew Mercer), but the world was largely left in ruins. Stormbound will reset the world of Mythica as it rebuilds, and promises to include “returning faces” of some heroes from Mythica’s past, as they bring introducing new heroes and villains, with plans for more Mythica films still to be developed and produced. Cast member Jake Stormoen, who played the character “Dagen” throughout the Mythica series, has now been named Director for Stormbound, which will be filmed in the spring and summer of 2023.


Arrowstorm is returning to their crowdfunding model of partially funding films through Kickstarter. Stormbound has set its goal at $200,000 on Kickstarter with the campaign launching on October 25th and running through December 9th, Arrowstorm’s most ambitious crowdfunding campaign to date. Kickstarter link here:

About Arrowstorm Entertainment

Arrowstorm Entertainment is a film production studio led by Executive Producers Jason Faller and Kynan Griffin, headquartered in Provo, Utah. With over 20 internationally distributed feature films and television series in the science fiction and fantasy genres, and more in development, Arrowstorm continues to focus on world-building and genre-defining projects. to capture imagination.


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