Bajaj Finance: FD rates hiked by 10 bps, earn up to 7.95 percent per year on FDs

Bajaj Finance: FD rates hiked by 10 bps, earn up to 7.95 percent p.a. on FD

Investors can now get higher FD rates by choosing to invest with Bajaj Finance. The issuer has raised fixed deposit rates by 10 basis points to provide more value to investors. Now you can get up to 7.95 percent per year. Moreover, this fixed deposit offers much higher returns. This instrument is particularly attractive because of its growth, especially for long-term investments.

The great news is that you can lock in these rates from November 22, 2022, making it one of the highest FD rates ever. Bajaj Finance also provides digital collateral to simplify the procedure and make it completely hassle-free. This allows you to plan and manage your investments from the comfort of your home while investing online.

Improved FD rates for higher income:

For all types of investors, Bajaj Finance offers competitive FD rates in various tenors. This allows you to make a significant profit regardless of the chosen term. You can now lock in FDs at interest rates of up to 7.95 percent per annum as the issuer has increased FD rates by 10 basis points.

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With this rate, you can earn well and get the most out of compounding interest. Take a look at the following data on cumulative fixed deposits to better understand the expected earnings:

24 months

Interest rate for customers under 60 years of age – 7.25% per year

Interest rate for pensioners – 7.50% per year

39 months

Interest rate for customers under 60 years of age – 7.60% per year

Interest rate for pensioners – 7.85% per year

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44 months

Interest rate for customers under 60 years of age – 7.70% per year

Interest rate for pensioners – 7.95% per year

60 months

Interest rate for customers under 60 years of age – 7.50% per year

Interest rate for pensioners – 7.75% per year

Different maturity options to suit all investment objectives:

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With Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit, you are free to invest as per your choice. Choose a tenure between 12 and 60 months to avail high FD rates. This FD is the best option if you want to fund a short term goal or build a corpus over several years.

Bajaj Finance also provides unique tenors; you can get higher interest rates by choosing them. If you want to increase your income or effectively stretch your money, it makes sense to invest over a period of time.

Digital investment strategies that provide convenience:

Thanks to digitization, you can now invest your money and track your investments very easily. These benefits are provided by Bajaj Finance through a number of digital features. You can invest quickly online and have a fully digital experience without visiting a physical branch. You can then keep track of your investments and get all the information you need through the user-friendly client portal.

Also, you can plan your investment, determine the best terms and invest wisely with the help of FD calculator. Although there is no fixed deposit calculator available, you can change the parameters until you discover the interest rates that suit your goals. In addition, the FD calculator is free to use as often as needed.

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Small monthly deposit:

With Bajaj Finance’s Systematic Deposit Plan, you can avail FD rates in manageable monthly installments starting from Rs. 5,000 if you are looking for a small monthly investment.

Considering the rate hike, you should consider Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit. Risk in your portfolio can be balanced or fixed returns can be added to ensure long-term stability. All investment profiles can take advantage of this and there is essentially no risk.

Rated AAA (Stable) by ICRA and AAA/STABLE by CRISIL, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit has the best credit rating. In this case, your money is safe and you don’t have to worry about returns. To get higher FD rates from Bajaj Finance, start your journey today by investing online.


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