Behind Every Star season 1 review

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This is a brilliantly written dive into the lives and careers of those who work beneath the surface of the entertainment industry.

We review the Netflix K-Drama series Behind Every Star season 1, without major spoilers.

We can all imagine the busy lives of those who work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. Whether you work in PR, or as a full-blown talent agent, the demands are seemingly endless, and your colleagues are sometimes ruthless. Or at least that’s what Netflix has K-Drama Behind every stardirected by Baek Seung-ryong and written by Park So-Ogshowing us in fictional form.

At the heart of the proceedings are those employed by Method Entertainment, a talent agency that manages a roster of 30 actors. They are all non-stop workers, tasked with, as stated in the first episode, “delivery, record management, advertising, planning, contracts, marketing, and everything else of course -the life of an actor.” Nevertheless, the individual personalities of those within the company are different. Director Ma (Lee Seo-jin) He is a boring but always present person, never shying away from taking control of a situation. To Je-in (Young Kwak Sun) is a determined, somewhat optimistic agent, whose resourcefulness is matched by marked resilience. At the same time, Kim Jung-don (This is Hyun-woo) he is a kind worker but not hypocritical, taking good care of those around him, just in a very strict way. Then, So Hyun-joo (Young Joo Hyun) is the wild card, a rookie with plenty of mistakes in her, although someone with clear grit.

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all in all Behind every star entertaining material, in part due to the successful addition of actors playing exaggerated versions of themselves through self-contained stories that run alongside the main plot points. They offer a refreshing change of pace, usually involving well-executed comedy, and feature actors such as Lee Hee-joon a chance to show another side of themselves. Plus, having these stories about actors within the group makes the other moving parts feel more impactful, as we’re less exposed to developments in arcs like how the future will play out. the company until they are absolutely necessary. So, despite events clocking in at over an hour, there’s real speed in the pace, and there’s no sense of extra fat around the edges.

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With that said, some dynamics occasionally seem too repetitive, such as the arguments between Je-in and Jung-don. Of course, they are a natural part of working life, but when the topics of discussion are so often the same or very similar, it can feel a bit circular. Although this is only a minor issue, especially when Park So-young does an excellent job of writing characters that already feel fully fleshed out and full of depth, just two episodes in.

Of course, a show is not complete without good acting, and a cast of Behind every star do seamless work to bring the script to life. Kwak Sun-young is excellent as Je-in, energizing her portrayal of the strong-willed agent to the point of being irresistibly invested. Also interesting, the rising actor Joo Hyun-young gives her performance as So Hyun-woo adorable concern based in friendship. As for others, Kim Tae-oh gives an outstanding performance as the fiery Choi Jin-hyeok, Lee Seo-jin remains consistent as the upright Ma Tae-oh, while Seo Hyun-woo embodies the complexity of Kim Jung- don to execute his part memorably.

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Complete with sleek office backgrounds and a generally colorful palette, this Korean remake of the French series Call my agent! he could easily fall asleep. Funny, engaging and dramatic in all the right places, it’s a show that begs to be worth the rather brisk 12-episode commitment, especially for fans who looking for something that knows when to get meta.

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