Black Latex Dress

Black Latex Dress – Elegant latex mini dress with metallic silver front zipper and adjustable spaghetti straps. Beautifully handcrafted in London from premium quality latex rubber for the perfect fit. Available in black, red and plum. Always an instant timeless classic!

Please note: Each William Wilde item is lovingly handcrafted to order, so please allow up to 10 business days. Unfortunately, we cannot accept refunds.

Black Latex Dress

Check out the information and chart below to help you choose the perfect size from William Wilde’s latex clothing collection.

Versace Latex Mini Skirt In Black

Simply align your measurements with the chart below to find the size that fits you as accurately as possible. Latex clothing is cut smaller than the body for a flattering fit, so the measurements in the chart below are not the same as clothing measurements taken while lying down. We have taken into account the elasticity of latex, so you do not have to take it into account when choosing a size.

Check here for standard sizing changes as we are happy to adjust sizes, or contact us here for any other questions.

Please refer to the information below to help you choose the size of our latex stockings and knee socks:

As for the image on the left, the measurements below are taken from socks laid flat (while the latex is “unstretched”). Latex socks comfortably stretch up to approx. Therefore, for your thighs and calves to measure between 8 and 12.5 cm*, they need to be between 8 and 12.5 cm larger than the measurements below. Example: For a thigh that measures 51 cm, our size Medium would be the best fit.

Sexy Black Latex Mini Dress With High Collar And Long Sleeves, Black (nero 001), S

*Our black latex stockings are cut from 0.33mm latex, a thinner latex that will stretch more and be more comfortable. Our colorful latex socks are 0.45mm latex, it stretches a bit less so we only recommend an 8cm gap. (For example: a thigh of 51cm would suit us in our size large with colored socks).

We do not offer custom sizes for our socks or knee socks as we have found that the elasticity of latex makes this unnecessary. Back seam length approx. 62.5cm for all sizes, we can change this on request but latex spacing often means this is not necessary either.

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NOTE. Our knee high socks are not as high as your thighs, but the above information will be helpful in helping you choose the right fit. Please get in touch with other questions.

Referring to the image to the right, the measurements below are taken with the mitts laid flat (while the latex is ‘unstretched’). Latex gloves comfortably stretch to approx. For a 6-10cm* fit, your biceps measurements should be 6-10cm larger than your butt measurements. Example: A 11″ bicep would fit our size Small/Medium.

One Size Fit For Most New Arrival Women Black Latex Clubwear Sexy Open Back Mini Dress Vinyl Dress

*Our black latex gloves are made from 0.33mm latex, this is a thinner latex and will stretch more and more comfortably. Our colored latex socks are 0.45mm latex, it stretches a bit less so we only recommend a 6cm gap. (Example: 11″ bicep would fit our size L/XL with colored mittens).

We do not offer custom glove sizes as we have found that the flexibility of latex makes this unnecessary. length approx. 46cm for both sizes, we can change this on request but latex spacing often means this is not necessary.

For those of you who are new to buying and wearing latex/rubber clothing, here are some tips to help you care for your garments.

When your garment arrives, it will appear caked and covered in talcum powder. It is garment finished, glue sealed and is the best way to ship items because they will be folded in the mail.

Black Latex Shoulder Pad Mini Dress

You can choose to coat your latex/rubber in this non-glossy way, but if you want your latex to shine as shown in our photos, you can use a silicone varnish or spray. The smooth silicone is easy to use and is best applied with a lint-free cloth. Flat clothes are easier to polish than to wear, you can buy our polish here. Instructions for use are on the bottle. The spray is best applied when wearing clothing.

The first time you wear the garment there will be a slight bulge on the inside and that will help, you may want to use more powder or a latex dressing/lubricant which will really help whether or not the garment fits snugly. it has a zipper. A little on the skin and inside the clothes will make a difference! You can find William’s Slide Inside lubricant here. A little goes a long way!

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Be careful when wearing jewelry and long fingernails as this can tear the rubber, so try not to get your fingers caught in it. Even light-colored latex can change color; therefore, avoid contact with makeup, sunscreen, jewelry, etc. Prolonged contact with metal and grease. or polishing will speed up staining, so it’s best to remove holes entirely if possible. Metal stains left on the skin can transfer to clothing, so it’s best to clean the body area thoroughly before getting dressed if metal body accessories have just been removed.

Some of our garments have metal closures such as zippers and snaps. Black latex won’t stain or fade with these, but if your garment is colored latex, it’s best to keep the metal parts wrapped in tissue paper when not in use, especially after polishing. Pale colored latex can change color rapidly after polishing in contact with metal.

Girl Black Latex Dress Removes Blood Stockfoto 688506505

To clean latex, use a little mild soap in warm water, move the garment in it so the water moves in and around the garment, try removing stains with your fingertips. Then rinse with clean warm water if you want to repeat to ensure the soap is removed. Let the clothes dry in the shower or over the bathtub so they are completely dry inside and out. You can then pound the inside and smooth the outside to keep the rubber moist.

Latex will melt in heat and may change color in sunlight; so avoid storing (or drying) on ​​or near a radiator or window, it’s perfect in a cupboard! Also, hang as flat as possible to prevent bending. Stored this way, your latex clothing will be durable and ready to be worn again and again. For more information or advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

We currently have studios in Manchester and London, England and are happy to offer worldwide shipping.

All of our garments are lovingly handcrafted to order, therefore please allow up to 10 business days for dispatch (this excludes weekends and holidays). Smaller orders will often go much faster and our goal is always to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible. Please contact us prior to ordering if you have a deadline as we may be able to expedite production of your order based on current order volume. All orders are shipped using “Tracking” and/or “Signed For” and a tracking number will be emailed once shipped.

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Girl Black Latex Dress Removes Blood Stockfoto 683318428

Delivery to the UK is FREE on orders over £200. We use special delivery with Royal Mail as standard, next day service is guaranteed (until 1pm). *Delivery on Saturday is not guaranteed, it is very possible, but orders placed on Friday will not be guaranteed until the following Monday. Orders under £200 will be charged £6.00 for delivery to the UK. (Overnight delivery is not guaranteed the day after order is received, as each item is made to order, only the day after order is shipped.)

Orders outside of the UK will have £15.00 added to your P&P shopping basket. After you enter your shipping address at checkout, it will be added automatically.

International delivery by Royal Mail generally takes between 3-10 working days, however official guidelines for the international services we use allow up to 28 working days for delivery. (We rarely hear that it takes a long time!)

We are required by law to include the cost and description of the products in each shipment abroad. Therefore, customs fees may apply which will be decided by the destination country and unfortunately we have no control over this. We cannot advise what these fees might be. (Tip: most shipments under €150 are duty-free upon arrival in the EU.) Contact your local authority for detailed instructions.

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Orders for delivery outside the UK will be subject to 20% VAT at checkout; this may help offset possible customs costs, but local VAT charges may apply.

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