Brazil beats South Korea, advances to World Cup quarterfinals


Doha QATAR — Earth’s team, dubbed “Brazil,” remains emphatic in this World Cup after Monday night, continuing to deliver great promise at the biggest sporting event on earth.

Before the Round of 16 match against South Korea at Stadium 974 on the Persian Gulf and the airport, more shiny subway cars; Yellow on escalators and stadium sidewalks. green It’s a prediction of songs and horn fills. By global consensus, Brazil alone can certainly offer such a large number of ethnic groups that weave yellow cotton and wear yellow cotton. However, most There was promise of beauty, and there was a stunning display of beauty as the Brazilians cruised to the quarter-finals with a 4-1 lead.

If only Vinícius Júnior, the 22-year-old prodigy from Rio de Janeiro state, could find such brilliance in his work, there would be plenty to be pleased about on his way back to the metro. Not to mention Neymar, who returned from his ankle injury on Monday night, but if he dares to combine the wonder around him, things that don’t usually happen in other colors and shirts can happen.

World Cup bracket and knockout round schedule

Vinícius Júnior himself scored the fourth and most beautiful goal of the game against South Korea in the first half, with both sides typically swarming in the middle and taking possession on the left edge of the box. Instead of busying himself with them, he passed from the corner of his eye to the man he had seen from the other side at length. It’s West Ham’s bloated 25-year-old Lucas Paqueta, with a brilliant future in the world, who has hit the net once left and right.

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oh Vinícius Júnior also scored.

Brazil seven minutes; 13, He scored equalizing goals in the 29th and 36th minutes. Especially the fans cheering on the thickest team on the field over two banners honoring the 82-year-old All-Star, who is hospitalized in Sao Paulo. “Viní Júnior” was another man — here’s another man — Raphinha, who came on the turn after tricking the others early in the contest, sizzling from the right. .

Raphinha got to the line and Neymar couldn’t handle it, knocking it back into the middle and going all the way with the other 43,847, only for Vinícius Júnior to welcome him to his solitary place. Then wait. A spell.

He drilled it into the far right and just seven minutes later, Brazil’s players went into the corner and danced in circles, briefly threatening the remainder of the first half. .

It was a drama like any other Brazilian attempt to win the World Cup in the unthinkable 20 years since Brazil’s fifth and final title. Richarlison – His acting ability helped in the 13th minute, milking a penalty that escaped VAR review when Kim Moon-hwan carelessly kicked into the box when another man was there. Stuttering, Neymar’s slow kick into the right corner was a brilliant response with a sarcastic tongue-in-cheek finish.

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South Korea, who were surprisingly knocked out in the 91st minute of the final group game. Son Heung-min, the famous captain of Tottenham Hotspur, made a strong run and passed Huang Hechen through the rope. to defeat Portugal It’s just as shocking as humans collect it. Yet the third goal allows us to give more credit to art than to error.

History repeats itself as the Croatian goalkeeper plays the hero of the penalty shootout.

Richarlison looked down at one from the sky. He flicks one towards Marquinhos, who enters the box, but deflects it back towards the big Casemiro — yes, that’s it. Another one. Casemiro fed it to Richarlison on the right and keeper Kim Seung-Gyu’s shot to the left appeared to be the case.

Nine minutes later, the referee ordered a fat five minutes of added time, and it didn’t seem to follow. The Brazilians left for the tunnel knowing another team would emerge in the quarter-finals against Croatia on Friday. They want to keep this event bubbling with its top flavor. They will ensure that Stadium 974, the first temporary venue in the history of the World Cup, will serve as a strong presence in front of it, and the shipping containers that adorn its facade will be packed up and shipped to another country for reassembly.

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Among the exported items, A Brazilian-focused reel might be a bad idea.

World Cup in Qatar

Latest: Qatar Brazil continued their World Cup campaign with a 4-1 win over South Korea in Group H in the Round of 16 match in Doha. Brazil will play Croatia in the quarter-finals next Friday after Croatia beat Japan on penalties earlier on Monday.

USMNT: In the opening match of the round of 16, the US national team lost to the Netherlands 3-1. The U.S. hasn’t won a World Cup knockout game since 2002. 16 in South Korea.

Remove the rotating schedule: A World Cup group stage full of shocks and dramatic twists now reaches the knockout stage, which promises to be a surprise.

point of view: “Incremental growth is clear; But more than that, the players have performed in a matter that suggests they are on the path to massive improvement. There is a unity and energy in the United States that should inspire confidence.” Read Jerry Brewer on the future of the US National Team.


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