Eduvos Graphic Design alum making waves in film industry

Eduvos alum, Bianca Lee Burgess, is making waves in the visual effects industry. The former graphic design student works for a Canadian production company where she has worked on Bafta and Emmy winning shows.

Bianca Lee Burgess

Bianca Lee Burgess

Burgess, who holds a BA in Graphic Design from Eduvos Tyger Valley University, has been involved in visual effects for the past seven years, working for production companies in both the UK and Canada. Her projects include the likes of Chernobyl, The black mirror – both Bafta winning performances and Tom and Jerry movie. She now lives in Canada and works at Imagine Engine, which has worked on films such as Chappie and District 9.

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Recently, Burgess worked on Boba Fett book which won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Visual Effects. She is currently working on another Star Wars project, The Mandalorian (Season 3), which she says is her “favorite TV show of all time.”

She studied 3D animation in her final year at Eduvos and chose to follow this path because it focuses on technology and allows her to be creative. Studying graphic design taught her to meet deadlines and gave her design fundamentals, which she says help her become a more well-rounded artist.

When asked why she chose to study at Eduvos, Burgess says: “When I saw the wide variety of the curriculum, from typography, story writing to 3D animation, I wanted to join. It seemed like a well-rounded course, covering many different topics that became a good foundation for me.

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Her instructors were a key part of her success and enjoyment of the course. “They taught me how to think critically and listen to other people’s opinions, which really helped me accept feedback and deal with change and stay open.” Burgess adds that their advice has helped her not only in her career but also in her personal life.

Burgess points out that a creative degree isn’t necessary, but said her time at Eduvos helped her build a solid foundation. “If you’re looking for guidance and structure, then [I would recommend Eduvos],” says Burgess. “Especially if you’re not sure what path you want to take. At Eduvos, they cover a wide range of topics, so this can help you figure out which route is best for you.

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Burgess encourages aspiring graphic designers to ask for feedback and resist rejection. “Something I wish someone had told me when I left university is: don’t let a rejection get you down, if you don’t get your dream job after one rejection that’s okay, find out what you can improve on and keep trying until you do you get. right.”

Watch the breakdown reel Boba Fett book here.

Find out more about the Eduvos Graphic Design qualification here.


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