How Much Do Super Bowl Tickets Cost 2023?

If watching the Super Bowl game on TV doesn’t quite do it for you, you might be wondering how much it would cost to see the game in person. And while you probably expect the cost of tickets to be higher than the average NFL game, if you’ve never inquired about Super Bowl tickets before, you might want to help yourself to a little sticker shock. After all, we are not talking about the cost of a few hundred dollars. How expensive is that Super Bowl Ticket Prices? Super Bowl 57 tickets start in the thousands!

In fact, going to a Super Bowl game may be on your bucket list or a complete dream come true. It might be worth the price of a holiday or any other luxury you’d spend the money on. In this case, you will want to find the best tickets you can afford. In addition to buying directly from the NFL, there are also several other ticket brokers that sell tickets. Just don’t expect to get much less than $5,000.

The cost of Super Bowl tickets has been steadily increasing over the years. Until 2008, the price of the tickets was less than a thousand. With match tickets in high demand and limited availability, tickets now cost as much as the average car. So what can you expect for 2023? We will show you where to buy tickets and the price range you can find.

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