MAA created THE GATE as the intersection of Istanbul’s future and present

Gate by Melike Altınısık Architects

Turkish practice Melike Altinisik Architects – MAA participated in the interactive installation of “THE GATE” in Tersane Istanbul (Golden Horn Port) at the 21st Brand Summit.

“Where, how, and what do we live for? What kind of atmosphere do we turn to for survival?”

Melike Altinisik Architects created a “GATE” for these unanswered questions that still seek answers. MAA’s installation, “THE GATE,” creates a spatial connection between the “present” and the “future.” At the same time, MAA seeks to provide a new vision of sustainable awareness to heal the wounds we have left to the environment and humanity for future generations.

Gate by Melike Altınısık Architects

The “GATE,” like Tersane, emerged from the intersection of 550 years of mossy and sedated history and existed at the intersection of nature and humanity. The “GATE” exists in a blurred “time” and “space” that includes movement, social interaction, and the presence of mind with the observer. People are asked questions all their lives.

“Present and Future” is a common expression in nature and the universe that expresses unity and the goal of complementarity. All the spatial and functional changes in Tersane’s historical system reflect the duality of continuity and discontinuity in its natural environment.

Gate by Melike Altınısık Architects

People encounter limitations and they don’t know before entering this framework. When people see the sea, they dream of the world, the sky when they touch the earth, the day they know at night, and the “future” where they live “now.”

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“GATE” refers to the historical process that surrounds the visible layer, leading to its location. “GATE” maintains a new frame with a corten gate to the city that contains contradiction, duality, and the meaning of infinity. At the same time, a bright spot with a hole in the middle dims both objects. People face the city in this unique place where land and sea meet. Although the ‘GATE,’ people are able to look at themselves and what they leave behind.

Gate by Melike Altınısık Architects

“THE GATE,” tells the story of the present and the future through a digital layer that interacts with the reflective surface of perforated metal at the intersection. The digital layer of AR (Real Augmented Reality Technology) in “GATE” confronts the viewer with the “Present” and “Future” worlds at the crossroads of time. The “Present” interface creates situations in the AR world to raise awareness of the climate issues that shake our world and live every day.

Gate by Melike Altınısık Architects

“THE GATE” allows the audience to see the current environmental degradation in a constantly changing world and the destruction of the urban environment. People are beginning to understand the return of wild nature (revival nature) to the interface of the “future” as the tectonics of technology change and evolve. Wild nature will be resurrected “in the future,” and humans, nature, and technology will coexist in harmony. The resurrected nature will tell the story of the struggle to deal with today’s climate crisis.

Gate by Melike Altınısık Architects

The “GATE” creates a long-term bridge between the present and the future and presents itself through an AR Interface. Apart from their morphology, it deals with them in various situations. The “GATE” is a transition, not a revolution. This journey, established by the “GATE” over time, is one of questioning in nature.

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“SANGO” is an experience balancing people, nature, and technology.

To find out more about Melike Altinisik and MAA, you can listen to PA Talks 20 – Melike Altinisik

Gate by Melike Altınısık Architects

Project information

Location: Tersane Istanbul
A year: 2022
The sizearea: 180 sqm
Organization: MARKA 2022
Sponsor: Yapı Kredi World
Curation: The In-Between Design Platform
The builder: Melike Altinisik Architects-MAA
Design: Melike Altinisik
Creative Media lead: Bengu Ozmutlu
Project Team: Bengü Ozmutlu, Elifcan Merden, Ece Tunca
Project Creative Consultant: Melih Altinisik
Support Team: Selen Bektas, Nursena Colak, Abdullah Mallah, Mert Nalıncıoglu, Duru Yolac, Seyma Olcay
Digitization: MAALab
Construction Contractor: DDF – The Dream Design Factory
Pictures: GREYER – Mehmet Akif Sarı

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