Matt Damon Tells Wild Story About George Clooney in Speech

The 45th Annual Kennedy Center Honors may not air until December 28 on CBS, but E! News shared a teaser of the event, which included a few of Matt Damonin his speech for his close friend George Clooney.

During the speech, Damon described a time when Clooney used a cat litter box for a joke, and the story is as wild as you’d expect.

In the teaser, Damon began, “My friend George Clooney was said to be the last of the real movie stars, so I got to thinking about exactly what that meant. In fact, there have certainly been several Kennedy Center honorees. movie stars in that classic sense. Actors with class and sophistication –Cary Grant, Henry Fonda, Paul Newman, Gregory Peck.”

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“And then I think of George,” Damon continued, “a man who made the case in Richard Mathand a kitty litter box as a joke.”

Richard Kind is a very talented screen and voice actor with roles in projects like Argo and Inside out. Recently, he appeared in Netflix’s The Watcherand you’ll hear Al Tuttle’s voice in American Dad!

But before all this, Kind was Clooney’s roommate, and the Kennedy Center honoree is known for being an intense spy.

In March last year, Clooney was a guest on the podcast Not Wise hosted by Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnettand revealed the whole story behind the litter box incident.


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