Maybelline Touch Of Spice

Maybelline Touch Of Spice – Without a doubt this is one of Maybelline’s flagship collections at the moment. Maybelline has been around for over a hundred years, so they’ve released a lot of lipstick collections, but within the last five years, this might be the best collection yet. The idea of ​​a matte lipstick but in something very soft and comfortable is something that can be better in fashion and time. I would love to get a review for this collection! This is the shadeTouch Of Spice review

The number of voices is always different. When typed, it is 28 tons. Of the 20 that were released in America, 13 were sold in the Philippines. 15 colors from the Asian edition. Since this is a huge collection from Maybelline, customers can expect to find all the beautiful color families in this collection without any hassle.

Maybelline Touch Of Spice

Maybelline really hit the nail on the head with this collection because it offers a wide variety of colors, exciting designs and affordable prices. As the name suggests, this is one of the sweetest and butteriest lipsticks out there. The formula is powder, but the lipstick is a bit chunky, with a smooth and smooth surface, which makes the matte lipstick forgiving for people with dry lips. Since it is non-drying and non-drying, no peeling occurs. It also does not give the exact effect of a liquid lipstick, giving the user a suitable look for all occasions and styles and times.

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Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick Mini 1.5g

The color payoff is good and most of the shades have good color payoff. The color of the lipstick does not require much effort to destroy the natural color of the lips. It also helps that some of these are multi-colored, and tend to add more, so there’s a shade for every type of customer.

This is one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks as it is non-slip, non-sticky and non-greasy. Everything dry lips need in a matte lipstick. However, as the formula goes, it’s not Maybelline’s longest-lasting lipstick. In fact, you have to reapply throughout the day.

At Php299, it’s a good value for money because it really beats other lipsticks in terms of comfort and texture. And of course, there is also the fact that there are many colors to choose from. A name to be reckoned with in the industry. Whenever we are in the news, it is usually for all the right reasons. We are happy to share information with all partners. To stay up to date with news and updates, visit the News section.

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Maybelline Creamy Mattes Lipstick (touch Of Spice) Review, Swatch, Price

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