Meghan and Harry downgrade to Real Housewives of Suburban California in new Netflix reality show

England was first united in 886 AD under Alfred the Great, the 32nd great grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II. Since then, Alfred’s followers have turned his kingdom into an effective empire. The current monarch is not only the king of the United Kingdom, head of the Commonwealth, and supreme ruler of the Church of England, but also the head of a 1,136-year-old family business.

That business shows a long line of second spicy sons. They ranged from George, Duke of Clarence, who was sentenced to death by his own brother, King Edward IV, for repeated treason, to Prince Andrew, who was forced out of royal life and public with his mother and brother for his accident. defense against the sex crimes he committed against the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.


And now there is Prince Harry, also known as the Duke of Sussex. The second son of King Charles III has finally published what should theoretically be a magnum opus, the product that he abandoned his entire family, the country, and the king to realize. And it’s a reality TV series.

The production value is the same as Netflix’s other exciting documentary series, including Bad Vegan and The Tinder Swindler. The dramatic narrative constructed is a bit more interesting than Hulu’s The Kardashians. The main characters are definitely more self-absorbed, and the real star is not a millennial super-monarch. She is the social climber who made it down to become a real housewife in the suburbs of Southern California.

Theoretically, I am interested in Harry. I’m interested in what he thought about holidaying with Dodi Fayed on his father’s yacht just before Princess Diana died. I’m interested in what he and the rest of the royal family knew about Andrew’s sexual practices with Epstein, and I’m interested, of course, in his relationships with the monarchs of the United Kingdom at the time past, present and future.

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Unfortunately for viewers, Diana’s observation that schoolboy Harry was “not so bright” was correct, as reality TV character Harry Mountbatten-Windsor is as dull as a doornail. This Harry, the Wife Guy who is swallowed up playing second fiddle to a B-list actress, has nothing on the institutions of the monarchy or the military in which he served. Instead of complaining about the Prince of Wales or the UK king for any real reason (either a monarch or republican criticism of a public figure paid for by the taxpayer a dime), Harry complains about “my brother ” and “my father. Andrew isn’t even mentioned, perhaps because of the couple’s close relationship with Princess Eugenie, who actually makes a brief cameo in the series, and Harry’s own mother is reduced to a sexist image. a victim without an agency in her own life or a celebrity. . But worst of all is Harry’s treatment of the late Queen Elizabeth.

In the declaration made by her own granddaughter, Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and her other Kingdoms and Territories the Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Protector of the Commonwealth Religion, reduced to ancient antiquity. a woman controlled by courtiers rather than her own will and mind. Harry would have us believe that this strong woman, the second longest reigning monarch in human history and one who literally stood up for the job just two days before she died to ask former Prime Minister Liz Truss to form a government in her name. let a team of middle-aged men and, worse, common, force her to do anything before hell comes over.

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In his statement about the “Sandringham Summit”, his grandmother wanted to see Harry and Meghan alone, but those scary men in suits stopped her from doing so. Then, when Harry sat down (without Meghan, who was convinced she wouldn’t be invited to discuss a 1,000-year-old family business) with the senior royals, she was as quiet as Charles (Prince Charles at that time). Wales) and Prince William shouted the obvious: You cannot represent a taxpayer-funded institution while offering shilling speeches for JP Morgan.

But this is Meghan’s story, not Harry’s and certainly not the monarchy’s story. And so, the Netflix series is very difficult.

I know more about Thomas Markle, Samantha Markle, and all the middle class crap than I ever wanted to long before the Oprah interview, and there’s nothing Meghan says here that will make a load -look to sympathize with her. In fact, her malice for her family means that the royal family is truly elusive in her narrative. The king, who Meghan and Harry once again turned into a bully and a bigot, is actually the hero who saves the day, proudly walking his daughter-in-law down the aisle at her wedding. The country and the royal family are supposed to be so racist that they have taken Meghan out of the country as a whole, but the evidence given by Harry and Meghan themselves belies the – report that. According to Meghan, the Crown welcomed Meghan’s wedding today, including a gospel choir, and lily-white supporters in the streets celebrated the diversity that Meghan brought to the gene pool or -bright Windsors.

What really went wrong? Of course Meghan didn’t want to do the job, and Harry was over playing second fiddle to the Cambridges. The problem is that neither is doing their homework.

“It’s always been a royal thing to travel with your child,” Meghan says of her trip to South Africa with baby Archie. The problem: It’s totally no It has always been a royal affair to include young children on professional tours. Charles, who had been left alone in England for months on end, only to greet his returning mother on the tarmac with a handshake as a child, went out of his way to ensure that no his children are left behind. When he and Diana took William on their trip to Australia, the media largely recognized it as a kind of renewal, but it seems that Meghan and Harry are showing all the family visits as evidence of the stock of the monarchy, not new family values.

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The real royal heartache comes in the final episode of the six-part series, when Meghan cries on her $1,625 Hermes blanket in her $15 million mansion and Harry mourns the he misses the UK and its friends. Apart from Harry’s assertion that the media is responsible for Meghan’s behavior (and not that the 39-year-old has almost a 1 in 4 chance of getting pregnant), the couple are not giving up any new publications. The one thing that stands out from their series? They, just like any Kardashian, need the media as much as they say they hate it.

Almost two years after an Oprah interview, a reality TV series, and a memoir later, Harry and Meghan may be running out of things to say. After all, there’s only so many times you can repeat the story of why you left your entire family without reminding people that you’re family. make that your complete identity. So, will they finally find something new to talk about? If they do, it will be a Christmas miracle.

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