“Modern management outlook and openness to exploring leads the way in business.”

He turned the Enso group into a global company, adapting to new technological and business trends in the world.

A close look will let people know how things have rapidly moved up the ladder of growth and success all over the world. A closer look will also allow them to see how these changes were created by extremely talented individuals and entrepreneurs who walked their path to incredible success and are sure to innovate and invent at every turn. Vinay Maloo, who did the same in the business world with his unique business venture Enso Group, has turned it into a global business conglomerate with a portfolio of several successful companies. As the founder and chairman of the group, Vinay Maloo values ​​morality, work ethic, commitment, passion and visionary ideas.

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Over the years, several successful entrepreneurs have come forward to provide their personal advice and guidance for others to follow in the business field, which have even benefited aspiring entrepreneurs and their businesses. This time Vinay Maloo comes forward to share his views on leading companies to the top.

  • Keeping up with changing business trends:He says that the leading direction in business is a modern view of management and an openness to research. “Today, it is important for entrepreneurs to walk hand in hand with modern technology and business trends, while sticking to their core values, such as honesty and authenticity in business. They need to adopt a modern management perspective to work on latest management strategies and techniques to inspire efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Likewise, business teams must remain open to exploring new ideas and niches to grow their business and create a diverse enterprise.
  • Understanding Modern Management Theory:Modern management serves as an outstanding management theory in the modern world that recognizes and respects the many changes that come with modern technology. This theory helps people understand how technology is changing the workplace, and therefore managers need to make sure these changes are effectively incorporated. For example, during the pandemic, when most industries went digital, entrepreneurs and business owners had no choice but to pave the way for working from home, business-style. They had to develop a WFH style and get employees to put in the same effort when working from home. This allowed for better technology systems and software that could make working from home easier and hassle-free. Vinay Maloo says that in such cases entrepreneurs had to choose to walk with the changing trends of the business world.
  • Be open to exploring:He says that during the pandemic, the Enso group continued to grow and in 2021, taking all this into account, even started trading with Enso Global Trading. That’s exactly what he wants other companies to do to stay open to exploring newer niches and expand accordingly.
  • Transparency is key: He explains the importance of transparency. Giving the example of his own company, he says that every company under it has made sure to remain honest and transparent with those it serves. This transparency led the company to an exponential level of growth and success.
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Entrepreneurs can achieve tremendous growth and success when they start to explore, innovate and adapt to the changing trends of the business world.


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