‘Nintendogs’ Mobile Game Leaks — Release Date, Rumors

Nintendogs and cats

Source: Nintendo

The Nintendo DS has been home to tons of great games, but few have the desire for it Nintendogs. This unusual pet simulator saw you take care of a variety of virtual doggos, eventually spawning a sequel that brought cats into the mix.

Now, it seems Nintendogs he may prepare to return, with Nintendogs Mobile game leaks are popping up all over the web. Most interesting, however, is a patent dated Jan. 17, which discusses software that can put virtual reality in your home using augmented reality.

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The ‘Nintendogs’ mobile game is exciting and exciting for mobile gaming.

Before you get too excited, it’s important to note that a Nintendogs the mobile game is not confirmed by Nintendo. And just because a company files a patent doesn’t mean it will eventually become a product. Many patents end up anonymous, with no official announcement or product release from the filing company. That being said, there are several reasons for the specific leak that has caused so much excitement in the Nintendogs the community.

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Nintendo Patent Figure 11

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While the patent itself is a bit light on the details Nintendogs, includes several figures with dogs as the central focus. One photo, for example, shows a person using a phone to place an AR puppy in their room. Another shows the dog in a different position, where the player picks up and moves the puppy to a new location.

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It’s hard to analyze the entire patent system, but it’s clear that AR is at the heart of the filing – and using a dog as an input seems odd, unless it’s related to the future. Nintendogs release.

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Nintendo Patent Figure 12

Nintendo has never been shy about porting its popular franchises to mobile (via Mario Kart, Fire Emblemagain Animal Crossing titles are all available on iOS and Android), so it’s not out of the question that something similar could happen Nintendogs.

What we know about the ‘Nintendogs’ mobile release date.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say when this is rumored Nintendogs a mobile game will be launched. The time from when a patent is granted to when the final product is launched varies greatly – and just because a patent is granted doesn’t mean Nintendogs mobi has been confirmed.

And it is not clear whether this patent will be compatible with the second one Nintendogs start the Switch. Since the Switch doesn’t have a camera, these patents are apparently meant for iOS and Android. It is possible that Nintendo will launch titles on both mobile and Switch as a way to promote the renewal of the franchise, but at this time, the conclusion The Nitnendogs it is not clear.

The patent date is listed as Jan. 17, so hopefully Nintendo will provide the community with more details in the coming weeks.


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