O’brien Black Magic Kneeboard

O’brien Black Magic Kneeboard – O’Brien’s Black Magic Board isn’t so much an evil wizard as a clever design. Retractable wings at the base provide stability and control when you need it, then disappear into the board when you want a more relaxed and forgiving ride. There’s a water hook for new riders to hook onto the handlebars, but even adults can join in on the fun, as this board is designed to be used by kids or adults. Retractable wings give you stability when you need it and disappear into the board when you don’t. The smooth contour of the base reduces drag and provides a quiet and comfortable ride. An onboard water chain makes it easy to get used to riding in deep water. The shell construction is strong without unnecessary weight. The rotomolded PE design fits riders of all ages.

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O’brien Black Magic Kneeboard

“The O’Brien VooDoo Kneeboard is smaller and more suitable for kids, smaller riders and beginners. The O’Brien Black Magic Kneeboard is slightly larger for wider riders to use. It also has a slightly higher performance . Retractable fenders!” “

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Offクーポン Obrien オブライエン Black Magic ブラックマジック ニーボード ボード 板 ウェイクサーフィン 水上バイク ボート Aynaelda.com

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