Quali Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation to Support

AUSTIN, Texas, December 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Qualia leading provider of flexible Environment-as-a-Service infrastructure solutions and management, announced today its membership in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Linux Foundation to support the mission of driving the adoption of cloud native technologies.

Quali enables continuous delivery of application infrastructure at scale and works across all major cloud providers, as well as major types of infrastructure including containers and Kubernetes. It also embraces and expands Kubernetes environments by relating container infrastructure to usage, cost and business context to optimize and prioritize existing infrastructure investments.

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CNCF is an open source, vendor neutral hub for native cloud computing, hosting projects to make the cloud universal and sustainable. With 178,000 contributors and 141 projects in 187 countries, CNCF provides support, oversight and guidance for cloud-native projects, including Kubernetes, Envoy and Prometheus. The foundation brings together the world’s leading developers, end users and vendors, in addition to running the world’s largest open source developer conferences.

“As cloud-based applications become ubiquitous, the infrastructure and environments used to support these technologies and development methods must evolve,” said Lior Korat, CEO of Quali. “The rate of technological innovation is at an all-time high today, creating challenges across technology stacks, applications and infrastructure. This trend means that environments will have a large amount of technology that needs to be easily accessible, while being managed and controlled and, ultimately, will require more automation. “

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With Quali, IT managers and leaders understand that infrastructure is being used in a consistent, scalable way without affecting the speed of development. This preserves the freedom of software development teams while accelerating the speed of infrastructure delivery, establishing accountability and reducing risk to support business needs to plan, increase and understand the value delivered by software and infrastructure.

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About Quali
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Quali provides the leading Environment as a Service platform. Global 2000 enterprises rely on Quali’s infrastructure automation and control plane platform to support continuous delivery of application software at scale. Quali brings greater control and visibility over infrastructure, so businesses can increase engineering productivity and speed, understand and manage cloud costs, optimize infrastructure utilization and reduce risk. For more information, please visit quali.com and follow Quali forward Twitteragain LinkedIn.

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