Residents want City of Mobile to trap and eliminate growing coyote population

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Coyote encounters have been an ongoing problem for several years here in Mobile. Jacob Blasius lives on Evelyn Drive near Gate 1 of the University of Mobile and says the problem has gotten worse.

“The coyotes that were using my yard — crossing my porch — even if it was well lit with the drapes open — they could literally see me but show no fear and feel comfortable walking in my yard,” Blasius recalled.

Not long after that — Blasius joined “Coyote Watch” — Nextdoor’s nearly 550-member app team. The social media group informs members with videos, photos, and even maps showing more than 115 sights — mostly in Spring Valley and the Springhill area. And not all things are seen at night.

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They say most of the coyotes are believed to live in wooded areas of the city. As it stands now — the city is only required to take action when residents submit video evidence of aggressive animals.

“We could see that the numbers continued to grow as they continued to reproduce. The existing law we feel is sufficient — because we want protective measures to be taken. We want to prevent future attacks,” said Blasius in front of the Mobile City Council.

Before the Mobile City Council on Tuesday – Blasius explained the group’s proposal. The proposal asks the City of Mobile to revise its ordinance — requiring it to trap all coyotes — not just aggressive ones.

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“They have to be caught and exterminated one pack at a time — you can’t deal with an aggressive coyote who might be an alpha male or an alpha female. Alpha males and alpha females don’t encourage other pack members to reproduce, which means if you kill the alpha male and alpha female — you have to kill the entire pack to prevent the entire pack from creating a population explosion,” Blasius explained.

The group believes the longer the City waits to act — the more expensive it will be.

“Obviously the real fear is not so much that we’ve had attacks — that as the coyote population in Mobile City breeds and increases and spreads to more areas the chances of attacks on pets and people will increase. on a large scale,” said Blasius.

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This group says that they hope that Mobile City will work with them — but they say that if they do not continue with it — they will not only apply but are determined to make this an election issue.

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