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TechnoVthe idea 2023: Right technology, write the future

This year’s flagship technology trends report equips leaders to make transformative decisions the will benefit their businesses and society

Paris, January 232023 Capgemini today published in 2023 TechnoVision report ‘Right Technology, Write the Future’highlighting the top technology trends to help leaders answer some of the important questions they have when developing technology driven business revolutionary decisions. Report make a “call to action” to recognize the growing scarcity of resources. It is something again the first of its kind with AI-generated graphics throughout.

With every business now being a technology business, technology is being incorporated into every business situation. But in 2023, the range of options is greater than ever, in areas as diverse as creative / productive AI, cloud, edge computing, Internet of Things, AI, intelligent automation, autonomous systems, Metaverse, Web3, even biotechnology and quantum computing. TechnoVision is a framework that helps business leaders, CIOs and technical staff to navigate important technological trends and make smart decisions, from a business value point of view, but also from a broader perspective of sustainability or ethics.

The is righttechnology choices that have a positive impact on society
With increasing pressure on resources (energy, water, raw materials, chips, reliable supply chains, low-interest financing, talented talent), TechnoVision 2023 makes a request to choose the right technological solutions and innovation programs that not only offer the best for the future of the organization but also had a clear, positive impact on society.

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TechnoVision 2023 provides actionable answers to some of the most important questions driving businessers, CIOs and technical staff whenever we make technology-driven business transformation decisions: whether we intend to agility and speed, new ways to grow, sustainability, savings, or doing things differently, we know that technology is an important, very important part of the equation.” said Pascal Brier, Chief Innovation Officer at Capgemini and a member of the Group Executive Committee.

Created by Capgemini’s Technology, Innovation and Ventures (TIV) council, TechnoVision employs an international network of experts who monitor, evaluate, integrate, and deliver technology developments in various domains. The 2023 plan remains true to its vision: a reliable, accessible, insightful and practical guide to help make the right decisions and design technology-enabled business strategies and transformation plans.

Seven highlighted trends this year:

  • Twin internet: Enabling different simulations of different types of things that communicate together, such as interactive vehicles in traffic, requires digital twin communication and the right supporting protocols, turning the Internet of Things (IoT) into the Internet of Twins. This dual network will be key to reducing the complexity of operational challenges, simplifying testing and testing alternatives, and transforming virtual and real-world experiences.
  • There are no leaders: In the world of global businesses powered by tokens, with proof of disruption called DAOs (autonomous established organizations), the distribution of power is collective and ‘heterarchical’: cooperation without obeying a central leadership, focused only on creating value and achieving shared goals. DAOs lead to different governance models, lightweight but robust, with a group of dedicated participants, driven by common values.
  • Net Ø data: Data is key to delivering net-zero ambitions, but data itself needs to be sustainable: the war against data waste is on. Because of this, businesses need to build skills, tools, and cultures to measure, predict, and act on their output levels across the value chain. Collaboration with their supply chain ecosystem is essential to achieve reliable data, especially scope 3. It is a matter of wisdom about what data is really needed, gathering demand against data waste, and realizing that ‘bigger’ data is not always ‘better’. ‘data.
  • A small green app: Engineering applications need less demand in terms of resources and power, but also high performance. The software does not consume power or download itself. The problem is how the software is developed for use – and how it is used.
  • My lordtry, my cloud: Clouds that are specific to a specific industry, domain or region, cover all of an organization’s needs for industry-specific tasks, neatly packaged as ready-to-use, yet flexible data, solutions, and infrastructure services. When used intelligently, enterprise clouds deliver benefits in terms of speed to market, cost and resource reduction, rapid growth, and regulatory compliance, while capturing industry best practices and driving collaboration among industry partners.
  • The Creative Machine: the rapid success of productive AI models offers attractive opportunities to deal ‘outside the box’ with human shortages, even for knowledge-intensive and creative work. However, in order to take full advantage of this incredible expansion of AI, a renewed focus on AI ethics will be essential.
  • Do good, do little, do well: Not everything that is technologically possible is socially desirable. Although technology business plans may seem tempting, many of them require a lot of energy, time, and scarce natural resources. Consider the overall impact of social, ethical and environmental systems and look for technologies that fully benefit society’s goals.
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The full report is available here: https://technovision.capgemini.com/right-the-technology/
A specific supplement for decision makers is available here: https://www.capgemini.com/insights/research-library/technovision-2023-trends-for-business-decision-makers

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