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Munich, December Dear shareholders, employees, business partners and friends of UMT, 2022

Good traditions should be maintained. That is why we, the new Management Board of UMT AG, are pleased to inform you again about the developments and the most important events of the year in the UMT Group in the run-up to Christmas as part of the traditional Letter to Shareholders. . Let’s look to the future together and think about market opportunities, our company and our future direction, which is the basis of the continued strong position of the UMT Group. Take a few minutes to find out about your UMT AG.

Once again, an eventful, challenging and exciting year is almost behind us. The effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, supply constraints, semiconductor shortages and, of course, the energy crisis in our daily lives – in both our private and business areas – are clearly and permanently felt. We, the UMT Group, are also affected by this.

In October of this year, UMT AG again saw radical changes in its Management Board. Dr. Albert Wahl, founder and long-time Chairman of the Board of Directors, resigned to devote his full energies to other economic and political activities. At the same time, Thomas Teufel, SAP expert and Founder of MEXS, was appointed to the Board of Management, and Dr. Juergen Schulz moved from Member of the Board of Management to Spokesperson of the Board of Management. Therefore, our company is now led by two computer scientists with many years of experience in operations management and M&A.

We, the new Board of Directors, represent the innovation strategy of our “TechnologyHouse” and the successful implementation of “Buy-and-Build”. We are committed to a dynamic company and look forward to the challenges that come with this. As a wise visionary, Dr. Wahl has provided UMT AG with an excellent position for the future. He deserves our respect and gratitude for this.

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The 2022 financial year, which is almost over, was filled with a digitalization campaign and the identification of other acquisition targets for our acquisition and construction strategy. The digitization projects in the Smart Rental App have been successfully launched, although delays due to global issues have also left their mark here.

MT 2022 letter to shareholders

The project to acquire MEXS Group, an innovative pioneer in the field of joint control of business processes through messaging based on a flexible service platform, was already established in the first half of the last financial year. We have specifically chosen an IT company focused on “collaboration and processes” because we see a different, long-term vision here in all sectors of the economy, affecting all companies from small businesses to large global companies.

With the acquisition of the MEXS Group finally announced in July, we have finally continued our successfully launched “Buy and Build” strategy. MEXS fits well with the world of UMT technology and completes mobile payment and smart rental services with messaging technology for B2B and B2C applications and communication in the world of business IT systems.

Together with UMT, MEXS will expand its expertise as a flexible, cloud-based SaaS solution, taking the business model to new levels of growth. UMT’s experience in the SaaS-driven payment environment will form the basis of our successful cooperation. Discussions with well-known potential customers for MEXS’ new SaaS platform are promising. The great potential of the programs that will be developed jointly with MEXS in the future in the direction of integration with SAP business processes provide the UMT Group with the best requirements in the medium term to obtain significant income and income growth with continuous profit and stable cash flow.

With the marketing launch of the new advanced Smart Rental technology announced in November, UMT Group is also significantly expanding its value chain. Renting construction equipment has never been so easy. In the future, whether you are a contractor or a private individual, you will be able to rent excavators, vibratory plates, loaders and many other construction equipment in an uncomplicated way through the app or on the web according to the now established and proven Motor. -2-Go concept – near, at any time and without contact.

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The new Smart Rental technology was developed by UMS, UMT’s in-house software house. It represents a scalable business model and will be offered to everyone in the future as a newly designed Smart Rental App solution. After the completion of the development phase and the region-wide testing of Smart Rental, marketing will now be extended to the entire German-speaking DACH region. Together with our experienced partners in the rental of construction equipment, the new Smart Rental system will be offered throughout Germany in the future. To find out more about Smart Rental, visit the Smart Rental website at

MT 2022 letter to shareholders

Along with effective marketing, the Smart Rental platform is currently being restructured and will soon return with a new IT base. At the same time, there are plans to further develop the technology in other areas of employment – beyond the construction industry. The first interaction between the Group’s sister companies UMS and the newly acquired MEXS Group will be available here.

As you know, dear shareholders, employees, business partners and friends, a number of unfortunate circumstances arose regarding the Buchberger Group acquired in 2021 in the last financial year, which made it possible to avoid a legal dispute – we have already reported on this. However, the Board of Management remains hopeful that an amicable solution will be found soon in this matter for the benefit of the shareholders and the company.

Despite this, the future of UMT will be found both in the organic expansion of existing business premises and in growth through the acquisition of attractive new properties as part of our acquisition and construction strategy.

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It is therefore clear today that 2023 will once again be an exciting and promising financial year for the UMT Group. We look forward to it. And we especially look forward to continuing to successfully follow the path we have chosen together with you, our shareholders, employees, business partners and friends.

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a great start to 2023. But above all, we wish you one thing: stay healthy!



Dr. Juergen Schulz (Spokesman of the Board of Management)


Thomas Teufel (Member of the Board of Management)

MT 2022 letter to shareholders


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2021 auctions 32, 2 M
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Gross income for 2021 4.72 M
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Full amount for 2021 1.68 M
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P/E ratio 2021 9.97x
2021 harvest
Capitalization 10.4 M
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EV / Marketing 2020 0.52x
EV / Sales 2021 1.41x
Nbr of employees 45
Free-Float 100.0%


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