What to do if Switch won’t connect to Internet or Wi-Fi?

The Nintendo Switch does not require an active Internet connection to play many games, especially when using game cartridges, because the integrated console is designed for use on the go. However, you need a Wi-Fi connection when setting up the device, creating a Nintendo account, downloading games, or playing multiplayer modes. So while an active internet connection isn’t essential, it’s still good to have if you’re using a handheld console. Here’s what to do if your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to Wi-Fi or the Internet.

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To troubleshoot a Nintendo Switch not connecting to the Internet or Wi-Fi, check your home network status or see if Nintendo is reporting any service outages. You may also need to adjust the settings on your Wi-Fi router and Switch console to connect to the Internet again.


How to fix Switch not connecting to Internet or Wi-Fi

Check the status of your home network

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Try restarting your router and device to see if it goes back to normal if Wi-Fi is down. Turn off the Wi-Fi router, turn off the Switch, and wait at least 30 seconds before restarting both. Make sure your ISP is not experiencing widespread network outages. If so, the only option is to wait for the network provider to fix the problem and get back online.

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Run a network speed test on another device and check if you are getting the speed you should be getting. Keep in mind that the internet connection may be working but very slow. If you have a dual-band Wi-Fi router, you should switch it from 2.4GHz to 5GHz if available. The Nintendo Switch supports both, and the fast band can help fix any Internet or Wi-Fi connection problems.

Check the status of the Nintendo network

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You can also see if others are reporting problems using the Nintendo Switch Online service using websites like istheservicedown.com. Nintendo will also report significant service interruptions Twitter.

Check Nintendo Switch settings – Airplane mode and other network settings

First, make sure you are within range of the network. You should be in the same room as the Wi-Fi router for the best connection. If Wi-Fi works on other devices, the problem is with the Switch.

Since many use the Nintendo Switch on airplanes with airplane mode on, make sure you disable the setting if you want to go back online. Remember that if Airplane Mode is enabled, it will remain active even when you connect the console to the dock. Go to System settings > Airplane mode and disable it.

Check the network settings on the Switch to ensure you are connected to the correct network. Go to System settings > Internet > Internet settingsselect the current network and select Change the settings resetting a password or connecting to another network. Select Clear the settings delete the saved network information and start over.

A software problem may cause connection problems, so don’t forget to update your Switch. Go to System settings > System and select System update to get the latest software. Cached files can also be a problem. Go to System settings > System > Formatting options > Clear cache. It will erase saved accounts, passwords, cookies, history, and cached website data, but you won’t lose downloaded games and game save data.

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Restart the Switch and test the connection

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Once you’ve gone through all the troubleshooting steps, restart the Switch. In connection status, go to System settings > Internet > Test connection. If you don’t see a Communication test was successful message, write error codes and contact customer service for further assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a Wi-Fi connection problem, you can use a wired connection instead. Remember that the LAN cable connects directly to the dock, not the handheld console. You will need a Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter if you have a standard Nintendo Switch. The new dock available with the Switch OLED has a built-in LAN port.

No, Switch does not require an active Internet or Wi-Fi connection to play most games. You’ll need one to set up the device, create a Nintendo account, download games from the e-store, or if you want to play multiplayer games.


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