When Miami freezes over: Top 6 books for winter

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Winter in Miami is refreshing, to say the least. What we measure as winter is a mild spring day for some of the more brutal areas of the North East. Even so, you might find yourself on a boat in January, missing the cold.

Some may appreciate Miami’s winter warmth, but if you’re ever craving a cold day, try one of these books to get your chill on this winter.

“The Secret History” by Donna Tartt

Dark academia, murder and central Vermont. Tartt tells a complicated, engaging story about a group of friends in a small, remote university and the sacred bond they form. This intense psychological thriller is complex and gripping, full of ice-cold imagery as winter becomes an entity that symbolizes confusion, terror and emptiness.

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“My Year of Peace and Rest” by Ottessa Moshfegh

What says winter more than hibernation, even if it’s artificially induced by drugs? The unnamed hero of Moshfegh’s most famous novel is dissatisfied with her life after graduation and decides to go through a hibernation year to “reset” herself. This novel creates a feeling of loss and loneliness, all very similar to the cold season.

“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” by JK Rowling

I couldn’t make this list without acknowledging Harry Potter. The entire series is already nostalgic for snowy days with a cup of hot chocolate, but it also contains some of the most iconic scenes in literature. Butterbeer, sweaters knitted by Molly Weasley and cozy scarves that match the houses are some of my favorite winter items interwoven in these books.

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“These Violent Joys” by Micah Nemerever

Set in the winter of the 1970s in Pittsburgh, the subject of this book is miserable and lonely. Doesn’t that sound like an accurate description of winter itself? This novel is another dark academic selection, with morally questionable students who descend into madness and violence.

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“Everything I Never Told You” by Celeste Ng

This carefully drawn family portrait explores themes of grief, legacy and generational trauma through the unique perspective of an Asian-American family in 1970s Ohio. With dark themes and striking imagery, “Everything I Never Told You” is reflective and expansive.

“Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch

This science fiction novel explores emotional and philosophical concepts as it follows the main character through various gatherings to reunite with his family. The twists and turns of this story across space and time will make your head spin as you ponder the themes of love, parallelism and existence.


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