Zhaoxin Launches KX-6000G High-Performance & KH-40000 Server CPUs For China’s Domestic PC Market

Zhaoxin has officially launched its next-generation KX-6000G High-Performance & KH-40000 Server CPUs in China’s domestic PC market.

China Goes Up to 32 Core Server & 4 Core High-Performance PC CPUs By Zhaoxin

China’s domestic chip maker, Zhoaxin, has announced the official launch of its next-generation CPU lineup targeting the server and consumer PC segment. The two chips are based on the 16nm node and are intended for a diverse portfolio of workloads. First we have the Kaisheng KH-40000 server chip family that includes up to 32 cores and can be used in a two-socket configuration with up to 64 cores. Then we have the standard consumer components, the Kaixian KX-6000G aimed at high-performance PCs and embedded platforms with a total of four cores and internal graphics.

Server processor based on the new generation of Yongfeng’s self-developed micro-architecture — Kaisheng KH-40000

Kaisheng KH-40000 series processors are based on Zhaoxin’s new advanced micro-architecture – “Yongfeng”, with a reference frequency of 2.0/2.2GHz and a maximum operating frequency of 2.7GHz. A single processor can include 32 cores, provide 64MB of cache, support 64-channel dual-link, and achieve memory bandwidth of up to 200GB/s.

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The 64-core server product developed based on the dual-channel KH-40000 processor can support up to 4TB DDR4 ECC memory, and provide 128 Lane PCIe lanes, as well as common I/O interfaces such as SATA and -USB, which can be better. to meet the needs of many server applications. Essentially, more memory, more PCI expansion, and other application requirements.

Kaisheng KH-40000 is compatible with the x86 instruction set, supports SM2, SM3, and SM4 instructions for processor acceleration and IO virtualization technology, supports secure boot technology and reliable general computing system, supports server RAS, and develops BMC. The management function provides strong support and assurance of user needs for information security, product reliability, availability, servicing, and operation and maintenance.


  • New CPU Core Microarchitecture
  • 16nm process, supports LGA package
  • The base frequency is 2.0/2.2GHz, the maximum operating frequency is 2.7GHz
  • Up to 32 cores/32 threads
  • Up to 64MB cache, supports chip connection and multi-way communication technology
  • Supports up to 8-channel DDR4 RDIMM/UDIMM, 3DS RDIMM, up to 2TB or 4TB (dual socket)
  • Support up to 128×PCIe 3.0, 8×USB 3.2 Gen1, 16×SATA 3.2 and other interfaces
  • Compatible with x86 32/64-bit instructions, extended SSE4.2/AVX/AVX2 instructions, accelerated SM2, SM3 and SM4 instructions
  • Support processor and IO virtualization technology
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Kaisheng KH-40000 series processors released this time are available in 32-core, 16-core, and 12-core versions, suitable for cloud computing, big data analysis, video processing, data storage, high-performance storage , and very efficient storage. The development and deployment of solutions such as all-in-one computing and workstations can meet the diverse computing needs of users.

New Generation of High Performance PC/Embedded Processors — Kaixian KX-6000G

Kaixian KX-6000G is a new 4-core processor product launched by Zhaoxin for notebooks, All-in-one computers, cloud terminals, and low-power embedded computing platforms. The maximum operating frequency is 3.3GHz, and the GPU supports DX12, OpenCL1.2, OpenGL4 .6 standard, supports 4K display and hardware-accelerated 4K video codec, and adds support for accelerated instructions SM2.

Compared with the previous generation products, the performance of Kaixian KX-6000G series processors has been greatly improved, the graphics performance has increased 4 times, the energy efficiency ratio has increased by 60%, the package thickness has decreased by 26%, and the power consumption spares have been reduced by 50%, continue to improve ultra-small PC products such as notebook computers, All-in-one computers, and cloud terminals, as well as the user experience of products such as fan-mounted Box PCs, industrial-grade tablets, management equipment power, and OPS computer modules.

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  • 16nm process
  • Up to 3.3GHz, 4 cores, 4MB cache
  • Support dual channel DDR4-3200 memory
  • Support DP/HDMI/VGA interface, support 4K display, compared to the previous generation product, integrated display performance is improved 4 times
  • Supports 16×PCIe 3.0, 4×USB3.2 Gen1, 2×USB 2.0, 2×SATA 3.2 and SPI/LPC and other interfaces
  • Compatible with x86 32/64-bit instructions, extended SSE4.2/AVX instructions, accelerated SM2, SM3 and SM4 instructions
  • Support processor and IO virtualization technology

With better computing performance, graphics performance, battery life, stability, and reliability, the KX-6000G series processors can provide support for the diverse needs of users and innovative industrial applications.


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